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Help Plant, Design and Maintain
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Join Landscaper On-Call

City Beautification projects are our main focus. We invite you to join our landscaping teams to help us design, plant, and maintain projects including the Welcome Signs at Central Ave., Armbruster Nature Preserve, and the Welcome Signs at Rt 122 and Towne Blvd.

The landscaper on-call project enlists the help of community volunteers to donate a few hours each month during the growing season. Our projects are well organized and are usually completed in a matter of hours. Select "Projects" above to find one that is right for you.

The Oches

Dr. and Mrs. Oches Planting the Bright Spot on Grand Ave.

Volunteer watering a bright spot

Keep Middletown Beautiful has service projects for all ages. Students can earn their quarterly required hours with many of our projects.

As our budget and volunteers increase, we hope to make many more improvements throughout the city.

Projects like these require help from people like you.


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